Windows vs Linux

You know, I have been using Ubuntu Linux since March 2010 and been it using it pretty much full time for about 3 months now, maybe a little longer and so I like to think I know the good and bad with both.  Since I started using Linux there has been one thing that keeps frustrating the hell out of me and that is reading posts from people who make comments about Linux based on their experience x# of years ago rather than how Linux is today.

One myth that really irritates me is that Windows is easier than Linux.  This is 100% false unless you are talking about getting the system infected then yes, Windows is easier but we are not, instead we are talking about ease of use.  When it comes to ease of use, both Windows and Linux are equal.  Take anyone who has never used a computer before, whether they are 4 or 94, that person will find both to be just as easy to use as the other.  The main reason why people are reluctant to use something else is not because they think Windows is easier but because they are cowards.  The average human is intimidated by new things.  I myself was a bit intimidated by Linux but after using it for a few days I started to like it.  I’ll admit that I did try Linux in the past but never worked right with my system so when Ubuntu 10.04 was released, I was somewhat reluctant to try it but eventually I did and haven’t looked back.

As someone who does computer repaires for the average home user, I can honestly say that the use of Windows should NOT be allowed for home use because the home user just doesn’t have enough common sense to properly use an easily infectable operating system like Windows.  If you are a home user who is not that knowledgeable with computers then I strongly suggest going with Linux rather than a Windows machine.  You will lots of money in the end because you will no longer be lugging your PC to your nearest repair shop every few months to clean out infections.