AMC Review

Last night was my first visit to an AMC theatre to watch TRON Legacy.  I normally prefer Cineplex but as stated in a previous post, not one Cineplex had TRON Legacy in non-3D.

AMC in my opinion only has two positives compared to Cineplex:

  • Concession Counter Open Past 9:30pm
  • Steep Angle of the Seating.

The negatives of AMC compared to Cineplex:

  • Ticket Pricing
  • No Discount Day
  • Sound Volume to Loud
  • Large Popcorn/Pop Deal Doesn’t Include Bag of Candy
  • Front of Concession Stand Not That Clean
  • No Popcorn Seasoning Packets – instead they have some stupid dispenser machine that barely dispenses anything and only in three un-popular flavours.
  • The Topping Tasted Like Butter, Not Becel

Maybe I am being to harsh on the whole pricing issue, after all Cineplex does have Scotiabank backing them where AMC has no one but then if the AMC execs had any brains they would try and get some backing from one of the big competitors to Scotia like RBC or TD Canada Trust.  I know AMC has been in Canada for some time now, but how long can they last if they don’t try to take viewers away from their competitor Cineplex?