UPDATE: Discrimination by Cineplex Odeon?

So I received a reply back from Cineplex concerning my complaint I sent in and this is what the person had to say:

“Cineplex Entertainment is a movie exhibitor and, as such, we do not have any control over which films are available overall or shown in 3D or 2D; this decision is made by a film’s distributor.  Please also note that the decision as to where a film is played is based on various factors including the number of films being released at the time, their local market appeal, the number of screens available at a particular theatre, and the number of film prints which a film’s distributor provides to us.

Despite this, you will still be able to enjoy a movie in 2D (even if it is a 3D presentation) by using the 3D glasses which we provide to our guests.  The 3D glasses allow individuals who cannot see 3D to see the movie clearly in 2D (no double image which is what you would see without the glasses).”

So now lets pick through this shall we.

  1. It says Cineplex has no control and the decision is made by the film’s distributor but then goes to say that it can also be decided by number of screens available at a particular theatre so which is it?
  2. The next question is of course why isn’t Cineplex standing up for ALL it’s customers and demanding BOTH 3D and non-3D?
  3. It is also suggested that even if you can not see 3D effects, you can still go and watch the 3D movie with the glasses.  So basically pay more money for a movie with 3D effects even though you can’t see the extra effects you were charged for.  Does that actually make sense to anyone else?  I guess it’s proof that Cineplex doesn’t care about it’s customers experience at all, only their money.

I have not yet replied to that person for I need to calm down first otherwise my reply will be riddled with a lot of foul language.

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  1. Hello.

    I commented on your last entry about this, and that we here in the U.K are also having similar problems.

    Believe it or not, I got the same reply from our Odeon! Or at least, very close anyway. They told me “it’s possible the Blackpool Odeon did not have it in 2D, but other Blackpool cinemas did”, but what they appear to have missed was that we did see the film in 2D AT the Odeon, not at another cinema.

    They then went through the process of telling it it’s the distributer, and I should talk to them and gave me a link to a site I wouldn’t know where to start on.

    However – I have sent an e-mail to my local MP about this, and I also contacted the Blackpool Gazette who may run an article about it. I spoke to someone what would now be yesterday, and I believe today they are coming about a photograph to run with an article.

    I may attempt to contact, whether it’s a waste of time or not, Disney themselves or possibly find a contact for the Director and see what they have to say.

    I’m fortunate I did get to see this film. We saw it the week after release, and not even a full release. Thursday or Friday I think it was out, and we saw it Wednesday and one week later it was gone completely. About eight or more people also saw it at the same time, so they certainly cannot say they never showed it.

    I’m glad I found this entry when I did a search for Odeon discrimination, and having just responded to the Odeon’s e-mail myself, glad I found your update as well. A little later, but better late than never.

    What’s worse is we were told all films would be 3D in 2012. So what then? Want a good laugh? Our Odeon, maybe yours? Has a slogan – “Fanatical about Film” – which I now believe to be a lie. If they were, they wouldn’t deny everyone the chance to see a film.

  2. Hello Sean,

    I finally did reply back to the person who initially replied to my complaint and here we are, roughly 2 weeks later and still no response. I basically replied with 2 things;

    1) If the distributor is in charge of how many 2D copies Cineplex receives, what is Cineplex doing to try and get as many 2D copies as they can or is Cineplex doing nothing at all?

    2) In my area there are 4 Cineplex theatres within a 40KM distance. It is hard to believe that not one of those 4 theatres could have shown the movie in 2D like with past 3D movie releases.

    Again I am still awaiting a reply which I doubt I will get since I’m sure the contact knows Cineplex was in the wrong.


  3. Hello again,

    It does seem they aren’t doing anything, or trying to do anything, about this situation. Now I’ve been very, very lucky. Whether it has been my report to the local newspaper and to our local MP, or just the cinema themselves they seem to have put TRON back on over the weekend at about 2pm in 2D. However this does not solve the problem for a large number of people who still can’t see TRON, or see many films for that matter, in 2D.

    I had some worse news today. This new Green Hornet film will not be shown in 2D at all. The adverts claim it will be in 2D, but looking at the listings of cinemas for this country the Odeon does not appear to be showing it anywhere but two locations in London.

    If you haven’t already, it might be worth getting in contact with some people, like a newspaper perhaps and finding out what they think and seeing if you can get something written up. It hasn’t been published yet I don’t think but my local newspaper is apparently going to do an article which should hopefully be in soon.

    I also got a letter from my local MP today, they sent a letter to the CEO I believe of the Odeon so lets hope this gets us somewhere. Perhaps if our Odeons are connected this could potentially help over there as well. I realize that might not be possible but it’s better to hope than to dismiss an idea entirely.

    So far, no more responses to my e-mails from the Odeon about this at all.

    I hope you make some progress your end, and I was glad to read you finally did manage to see the film yourself in the end.

  4. Hello Sean,

    Last night I sent an e-mail to the Toronto Sun newspaper about how it seems Cineplex has adopted the attitude that discrimination is good a good thing and pointed out not only the not showing the 2D versions of TRON and now the new Green Hornet but also how they closed the down town theatre that was accessible by up to 10 bus routes in favour of opening a new location that is accessible by only 1 bus which only runs during certain hours and not very frequent.

    We’ll now see if anything comes of it.

  5. I hope something does happen, and things work out for you. The article was in the Blackpool Gazette, and TRON is surprisingly back on yet again this weekend in 2D.

    Last weekend my friend got to see the film and I got to see it a second time, but it doesn’t appear anything has or is happening as a whole. We can’t see that Green Hornet here because it’s 3D only in the Odeon here. Only three or four Odeons in the entire country have a 2D copy. Thor advertised the same. 3D, 2D in selected cinemas.

    I also contacted the MP, and he sent a letter off now sure if I mentioned that before? So lets hope this issue gets some attention and starts to change some.

    3D used to be a treat. Something people got excited over because it was something new, but now it’s taking over and stopping a lot of people going to see the films they want. If you look around, there’s a lot of people who can see 3D and are also getting tired of it. It was a fun little addition along side 2D, but not the novelty is starting to wear thin but that’s what’s taking over and ruining a lot of peoples cinema experience.

    Sad really.

  6. Hi Sean,

    I never received any reply from the Toronto Sun and I still have not received any other responses from Cineplex. The Toronto Sun may have done an article on it but I don’t buy newspapers…too depressing.

    In my area, there are a lot of us unemployed so for Cineplex to only show 3D at all 4 Cineplex theatres is non-sense and shows that Cineplex is not paying any attention to the demographics for this area.

    There is an AMC close by that manages to always show both 3D and 2D, I just wish their pricing was more in line with Cineplex and were also on a bus route.

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