FE Debbie & FE Antonio Claims @RedsRhetoric Doesn’t Know Triangles & FE Don’t Know Globe History

Hello again everyone, I have been doing some more watching of videos with flat Earth believers, mostly debates because I don’t think I could handle watching a video by a flat Earth believer without someone with common sense countering their claims. I value my IQ.

FE Debbie

I recently watched a debate that happened back in the spring between everyone favourite flat Earth buster, Reds Rhetoric, and flat Earth believer Debbie.


Debbie has to be the most dumb women I have ever heard speak. What is even more shocking is her photo shows her being a brunette and not a blonde as one would assume. In fact she may be even more stupid than a blonde. She actually makes other flat earth believers like D Marble look smart and all he wants is for everyone to suck his balls.

Reds Rhetoric Doesn’t Know Triangles

Another flat earth believer named Antonio Subirates did a response video recently to globe Earth believer Conspiracy Catz and right near the beginning, he said something that shocked the heck out of me. He said that Reds Rhetoric doesn’t know triangles. WHAT?

Triangles is one of the easiest things to learn and is taught at an early age. For me it was in elementary school, around grade five I believe. A triangle is simply a closed shape with three straight sides. Inside angles can me right angle, acute angle and obtuse angle. There really isn’t much else to a triangle so I would love to know more of what Antonio meant when he said Reds doesn’t know triangles.

They Don’t Know Globe History

Flat Earth believers constantly get the history of people believing the Earth is a globe. Another video from a few months ago where YouTube channel Non Sequitur Show had on Reds Rhetoric and multiple flat earth believers in a timed competition type debate. I noticed one of the flat Earth participants as well as others in more videos I have watched that they like to claim the globe Earth belief has only been around for like 500 years. This is absolutely false. The first written report we have of the earth being a globe and not flat dates back to around 500 BC as a speculation until around 200 BC, when Hellenistic Astronomy established the spherical shape of the Earth as a physical given.

Water Doesn’t Stick To A Ball

If you are a flat Earth believer and stand by the whole “water doesn’t stick to a ball” by those stupid experiments of people pouring water on a basketball or other round object…well I believe I know how to make such thing happen. I am working on figuring out the correct objects required and then of course scrounging up the money to buy the objects.