Netflix Canada: Good? Bad?

Back on September 22, 2010 Netflix finally opened it’s doors to Canadians, something that I had been waiting a long time for.  Since then I have tried to follow the blogs posted by Netflix and the comments fellow Canadians are posting.  Most responses to the Canada launch blog were negative and even to this day you will see posts from Canadians to other blog postings by Netflix that Netflix sucks.  Those people who keep saying Netflix sucks are, in my opinion, idiots.

Since Netflix came to Canada I have been a subscriber and although it may not have the latest and greatest movies and television shows, there are still plenty of other titles to choose from.  Anyone who only wants the latest blockbuster movies should stick with Blockbuster or Rogers Video.  Canadians must also remember that the CRTC dictates what we can and can not have in the way of media content.

With Netflix, I have been able to watch both movies and television shows I never knew existed.  A lot of the movies available might be low budget but I have found them to still be really good movies to watch.  So they don’t have the $10mil special effects, who cares because a movie can have all the special effects it wants but if there is no good story line then no one will watch it.

If you are not yet a Netflix Canada subscriber and are undecided on becoming one, give it a try and expand your viewing comfort zone to include movies and shows you may normally not watch, trust me, you will be surprised.  I know I was.