Wrestlemania XXVII

We are only a month away from Wrestlemania 27 and I am looking forward to seeing this one, especially if Jerry “The King” Lawler gets his match against Michael Cole.  I can not stand Cole at all, even before he became a heal I hated him.  I actually stopped watching Smackdown for almost a full year because of Cole being the ringside commentator.  Since he came to RAW and turned in to a heal, it has become extremely hard to watch this program so I am REALLY hoping that Lawler and Cole will fight at Wrestlemania.

Other matches that should be good is Triple H vs The Undertaker and I hope it will be Undertaker last match.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked The Undertaker, especially back when he had his red hair and wore the grey and black outfit because he was extremely scary looking unlike now where he kind of looks like any other wrestler.  The reason though why I wish to see Undertaker gone is based on how he moves in the ring not too mention the number of injuries he has suffered over the past few years.  I just hope that when he does have his final match, he will wear his original outfit and remove the black hair dye.

With regards to Cena vs Miz, I can see one of two things happening here, either Rock causes a distraction towards Cena thus making Miz the winner or Rock turns the match in to a triple threat match with himself as one of the competitors and wins the title.

Well that’s it for now, remember Wrestlemania 27 takes place April 3rd and those who live in Canada and don’t have cable, check your movie theatre website to find a theatre near you who will be showing this awesome event.

Pledge me in the Walk for Kids Help Phone!

Pledge me in the Walk for Kids Help Phone!.

Registration has now opened for the 2011 Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone.  I have participated in this even almost every year since it began.  Please help me meet my $100 goal by clicking on the link above.  Online donations are secured and you can use VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express.

Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to donate.

Wrestling – Why do people hate it?

I have been a long time WWF/WWE wrestling fan, ever since channel 11 in Hamilton, Ontario start airing it on Saturdays around noon hour plus the monthly Saturday Night Main Event.

Many people around me have out grown it or were never in to watching it leaving me quite lonely when it comes to watching the Pay Per Views at my local movie theatre.  One thing I can not understand is why someone, especially a male, would hate watching wrestling.  I have always seen it as the man’s version of a soap that instead of airing every single day like the women soaps, it air’s twice a week at night.

I live with a friend renting his basement and this weekend I have asked him to come watch the PPV with me since my dad has to work but my friend always gives an absolute NO!  You would think that I had already dragged him to these things 100 times already but instead this is the first time that he would have gone in about 2 years.  Is it really that bad to go with your friend to something you don’t like once in a while?  It almost seems to me that people who flat out hate it and refuse to watch it are actually afraid they may like it.

Meetup.com Review

Well this is my review of Meetup.com, a social networking site suggested to me in hopes that it would help me to get out more and meet new people.  Did it work, absolutely NOT!

There many groups at Meetup.com for Oshawa and surrounding area but the best one for me, or so I thought, would be the Durham Social Connection (35+) because of it’s bowling meet up every Monday.  I love 10 pin bowling, I love so much that if I could afford it and had transportation to/from Leisure Lanes, I would start my day off there bowling 3-5 games Monday to Friday.

The downfall to this gathering though is that Leisure Lanes is not along any bus route and since I have no car and can not afford taxi fare to/from the lanes I am pretty much stuck at home.  I did ask the event planner for assistance to finding someone or at least tell me where I should make a post requesting to get a ride with someone but I was ignored.

After being ignored by the event planner, I found the forums and made a post in there and although 10 people viewed my message, I received a grand total of 0 replies.  Now one would think that after being ignored for as many years as I have been, one would be use to it but shockingly I am not.  It appears the Durham Social Connections group hate people who do not have their own vehicle.  I feel the group name should be changed to Durham Social Connections (35+ with vehicle) because without a vehicle, you will be ignored by everyone there.

It is sad when a bunch of grown adults act like snobs towards those who are not privileged enough to have their own license and vehicle.  Really, really sad.

Jeff Dunham – A Must Watch

If you are ever looking to watch something to help cheer you up then you can not go wrong with Jeff Dunham, currently the best ventriloquist I have seen.  All three of his TV specials are on Netflix Canada for viewing.  When choosing what order to watch, save the Christmas one till last because it is funniest out of the three.

I should warn you that if you or someone you know has no sense of humour then don’t watch because only people with a great sense of humour will find Jeff Dunham funny.  To find out his live shows, visit http://www.jeffdunham.com

Linux Magazines – Expensive

Lately I have been looking for a good Linux magazine and I have found a bunch online but the subscriptions are always a year long subscription and for most, you can only pay by credit card.

Tonight I decided to visit my local Chapters to see if any of those Linux magazines would be available, to my surprise they were unfortunately I was flabbergasted by the prices of these magazines.  Out of the 6 or 7 Linux magazines available, only one was under $10 and that was Linux Journal at $5.99.  All the others were around $20 each, now this would be okay if these magazines had a lot of info in it but every issue I looked at were very thin, thinner than your average $8.99 PC Gamer or PC World magazines.

I guess for now I will simply go with out until the cost of Linux magazines comes down to a more reasonable price.

Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone – May 1st

I just wanted to inform my fellow Ontarians that the Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone will be taking place Sunday, May 1st and I hope everyone will help support this great cause.

As usual I will be attending the walk…as long as it doesn’t rain that is…lol…and I will be putting up again a link for those who want to make a financial donation after registration opens at the end of February.

Welfare Article in Feb 8 Toronto Sun

I read an article in the Toronto Sun regarding Welfare on whether tax payers have the right to tell the welfare recipients how to spend the money received.

As you know from a past post I did, I am a welfare recipient although it is now called Ontario Works Assistance and has been called that for some time now.  No worries though since I tend to call it welfare a lot as well.

Anyways back to the article.  The writer was complaining that welfare recipients are spending their welfare cheques at casino’s and on drugs.  I don’t believe a lot of people on welfare are doing this but I’m sure there are some who do.  There have been a few people that I have met in the various classes offered by welfare which I have taken who are probably drug users but I am confident that the amount of people who do that is very low.

The writer made one suggestion in his article about having a grocery card and you know, I agree with this idea and in fact I would extend that idea by making the card good for only healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.  Right now, the welfare amount is quite low, in Durham it is about $500/month with rent costing on average $800/month for a one bedroom apartment.  So if the recipient gets a roommate and split the rent, that leaves very little money left over which means the recipient doesn’t have much choice but to purchase the unhealthy foods like kraft dinner and hot dogs.  If recipients were given food cards that can only be used as the grocery store on healthy foods then not only does this help us start eating healthy but will in turn boost ones energy levels which will in turn help lower the depression a welfare recipient feels while being on assistance.  With that extra level of energy and lower depression, we will then be able to focus better on getting off of assistance.

Another idea would be for OW to pay the landlords directly, that way there is no temptations to spend the money on something else.  It is extremely hard to not spend money on something that you really want, especially if you are around people who are always talking about how they got this or that for themselves or you can’t afford to go see a movie with your friends.  Paying the landlords directly removes the temptation.

The only money a recipient should receive is just enough to pay for phone and Internet.  Why Internet, simple, more and more companies tend to advertise their jobs online.

So if OW paid the rent directly to the landlord, gave out a food card that can only be used at grocery stores, the welfare recipient now has a lot less stress on their shoulders and can better focus on getting a job.  Since all job require a SIN number, OW should be able to verify if someone has gotten a job or not and be able to calculate how much earnings the person is getting.  Once the person reaches a certain amount earned, say three months rent/food/phone then they are released from the welfare program.

Again, I am on assistance right now and I would welcome what I have mention here today.  Right now there just doesn’t seem to be any incentive to get off welfare at all and that is probably the biggest problem with the welfare system in Ontario.

Nintendo – Wii Shop Channel

I’m back with another rant, this time it involve the Wii Shop Channel.

The other day I was catching up on my Nintendo Week videos and I watched an episode that announced Ghost & Goblins was now available through the Wii Shop Channel.  Now I must admit, for over a year now that I have had the Nintendo Wii, I only went in to the Wii Shop Channel to download other channels and game demos but never have I wanted to purchase any of the classic games until now.

So I went in to the shop channel looking forward to get my hands on Ghost & Goblins but to my disappointment, the only way to get it is by using a credit card or by finding a store that sell the $20 Nintendo Game Cards.  A $20 card gives you 2000 points to use towards a game, sounds fine but it appears a lot of the games are 800 points to buy leaving you a left over balance that can’t be used.  Some may think that is okay but I don’t.  Why you may ask, well most companies that allow you to carry a balance will usually have a rule where if you do not use up your left over credit in x number of days, it will be deleted.  Lets also not forget that not everyone is within walking distance of a store that sells the game cards.  A lot of people also do not have credit cards which is why PayPal is a must have payment option for any online retailer.

Don’t believe me, well then look at Skype and any cell phone provider who have prepaid cards.  If you don’t make a call within 60 or 90 days, your prepaid time is deleted.

Nintendo should get with the times and start offering PayPal as a payment option and allow the charging of $1 per 100 credits.  That way if all I want is Ghost & Goblins then simply charge me the $8.00+HST rather than me paying $20 and being stuck with a $12.00 credit that may end up expiring.

Come on Nintendo, do you have the balls to step up and offer PayPal?

Active Life Explorer

As mentioned recently, I started using a calorie counting site to help me lose some weight.  Since I lost 4lbs in one week, I thought I would treat myself to a new Nintendo Wii game, one that would also help me in losing weight rather than using the same EA Active day in and day out.

I did some research and came across a useful site with plenty of reviews on the various Nintendo Wii fitness type games.  One review was for Active Life Explorer.  After reading the review and watching all the clips that someone took, I was convinced that was the game for me.

Active Life Explorer is apparently the third game in the Active Life series and according to the review, it is one of the best.  I have never tried the other titles but I can say that Explorer is indeed fun and exhausting for someone who is overweight.  This game is all about running and bending on a controller mat.  This game is meant for kids but I enjoyed it the first time I played it, even if I barely made it through levels 1 and 2.  Unfortunately for me, I got run over by a train in level 3 but never-the-less the game still made me sweat in just those first three stages.

Just yesterday my friend (who I rent part of the house from) had his 16 year old son over and he gave Explorer a try.  The result was not only one very happy teenager but also an extremely exhausted one.  He also embarrassed the hell out of me by making it three or four times further than I did and this kid is not a skinny fellow.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to have fun at the same time, give Active Life Explorer a try, I think you will enjoy it very much.