Video Games Live 2011 – Massey Hall

Last night my cousin and I went to see Video Games Live in Toronto at Massey Hall.  This was a first concert type event he had been to and was my first time inside of a performance theatre.  I almost didn’t go because I had no one to go with but my cousin agreed to go with me and I think he was happy he did.

Now there was a pre-show but we did not make it in time to experience it and the cheap seats were all taken so we had to take the more expensive floor seats, something that both of us couldn’t really afford, more so myself but my cousin was nice enough to cover the difference for me as a belated birthday gift.

The seats we got were right next to the sound mixer guy which was both cool and also annoying.  The annoying part was the little lights over the board for the gentleman to see his dials and buttons but I did my best to avoid capturing those lights in my photos and videos on my iPhone 3G.

They had a costume competition where a little girl dressed as Luigi won.  During the pre-show, they apparently had a Guitar Hero competition where the winner came on stage later in the night and played the Van Halen song Jump on expert mode.  This guy did amazing, getting something like 240,000 points.

There was also a few singers on stage for different game songs that had lyrics, all the singers were great including the choir positioned behind the orchestra who were also fantastic.

As with any show there is a negative and the only negative I found was the seats themselves.  The seating at Massey Hall is definitely not meant for people with wide shoulders but at least the seats are padded and they swung back a little.  I didn’t expect them to swing so I thought I had broken it since I am a heavy person at 340lbs.

They had a gentleman play a Super Mario Medley on the piano with the first half of the medley being played blindfolded, it was truly amazing watching this guy.

Two people (guy and a girl) were picked out of the audience to play Frogger with the winner getting a prize pack.  The guy (age 30) didn’t know what Frogger was or how to play so it was funny to see him walk in to the vehicles and jump in to the water.  The girl who was younger knew Frogger and was of course the winner.  The guy also received a gift but it wasn’t mentioned what is was.

A draw was held right after intermission where the prices was, Microsoft motion sensor thing, PSP, 3DS and a PS3.  I didn’t enter because I had not clue where the entry box was.

There was a tribute to the people in Japan where the orchestra and the creator of the show played music to all the Mega Man games and they ended the show with the Portal song.

I hope they come back next year with new video game music like from Oil-Rush which has a few great musical pieces and hopefully they will include Oshawa as one of their stops while travelling across Ontario.  Plus hopefully one friend of mine who refuses to do anything fun suggested by someone else will get over his stubbornness and come along.