New Weird Al Video

If you are a Weird Al Yankovic fan then you should know he has a new music video out called “I Perform This Way” which is a parody of Lady Gaga  song “Born This Way”.  It is a great video, check it out at:

Bike Repaired

My bike bent wheel got replaced the other day which is good news.  I have not yet taken it for a ride because I have not had much energy to do anything physical, not sure if it is the anti-depressants I am now on or what.  I still need to get a water bottle holder for the bike and I want to get a odometer so I can keep track and record my biking distance on My Fitness Pal.  Hope to have both items picked up today.

Oil Rush – New Trailer

The folks at Unigine have created a brand new trailer for the up and coming game called Oil Rush which will be available for all PC’s (Windows/Mac/Linux) as well as PS3.  If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, do so because I think it will intrigue you to purchase this great looking game.  I do believe they are still taking pre-orders which will give you early access to the three PC versions.  They are now on build 0.65 and although I have not yet had time to check it out, those who have are impressed with it.

New Oil Rush Trailer

Just some updates.

Well since I have not done any postings since May 3rd, I thought I would put something up tonight.

The other night we had a great thunderstorm roll in.  I sat out on the front porch watching the lightening, some really nice bolts going through the sky, not something that is seen often where I am.  Usually a thunderstorm here will consist of a few flashes and some thunder but this time it lasted much longer.  I only wish I had a video camera.

I finally got myself a bike last week given to me by a good friend.  Got it all tuned up and took it for a ride yesterday.  I was a little unsteady on it at times since I placed the seat at the proper height which is higher than where I usually have had it with previous bikes years past.  Anyways, the ride was going good coming back home until the bike just completely stopped.  Looked down and the whole back tire is completely curved.  It appears the tire came away from the frame on one side and when it did, it of course bent against the frame.  A gentleman who was walking by at the time offered another rim for me so I am awaiting his phone call to see about meeting up with him to get it.

Today, a friend got me the wood I needed to make my own horseshoe pits and I went ahead and completed building them.  I put two bags of sand in each pit but looks like they could use at least one more bag each.  I have a piece of wood to make my score board once I get some paint for it then I think I will invite some people over for a BBQ.

Today I also started on some new anti-depressants my doctor prescribed for me.  I hope they work because feeling down and having thoughts of suicide run through your head everyday is not good.  Naturally if women would stop judging guys solely on our looks (judge a book by it’s cover routine) then maybe I would have someone in my life and the loneliness wouldn’t be causing my depression to be so high.

Well I think that is it for now.