Facebook Game Reviews

Hello all,

It’s been awhile since my last post so I thought I would comment on some great games I have become addicted to on Facebook…Thanks mom!

The first game is Double Down Casino.  This game has 4 types of games but I only do the slots.  There is numerous different slot machines to choose from, all having a different theme and costing different amounts to play.  My favourites is the haunted house and the fireworks.  Everyday you visit you spin for more money which is nice for those who don’t know when to stop and end up broke.

The next game or should I say games since these all have some kind of tie-in with each other like getting to a certain level will unlock a prize in another game.  These games are created by Wooga and they are: Happy Hospital, Monster World, Diamond Dash and Bubble Island.  Great games so check them out.

For those who like scrabble, check out Words with Friends.  I have been sucked in to many games against family and friends over the past couple of weeks now and don’t worry if you are not good at making words because there is a site called http://scrabblefinder.com that will take your inputted letters and create any and all words.  If you get a blank tile, input a ? and the word generator will try all letters of the alphabet with the other letters you have.

Last but not least is Slotomania.  A nice slots game with close to 24 different slot games and you get new coins to claim every 4 hours.

Well check them out and if you are looking to play any of the above games with me, my profile is http://facebook.com/ilovebowling

Take care.