Wii Game Reviews

Hello everyone, yesterday with my Christmas money I decided to check out ebgames and purchased 4 previously played Wii games.  Those games are: Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Fling Smash, Ferrari Challenge and Active Life Outdoor Challenge.

mortalkombatarmageddonMortal Kombat: Armageddon

This game graphics is well done and can be used with 1 of 3 different types of controller.  I only have the single Wiimote and Nunchuk so I used this to play the game.  The game play seems very smooth and the controls appears to be quite simple, the hard part for me will of course keeping the buttons straight.  I have only done two arcade style matches, won the first one but was creamed in the second…very embarrassing. Webpage





This game is really fun and probably one of the easiest games to play, all you have to do is swing the Wiimote to make your character move across the scrolling screen to wipe out the blocks in your path while avoiding the monster coming up behind you.  The game does require that you have either the Wii MotionPlus or the all-in-one WiimotePlus.  I believe this is a great game that everyone would enjoy playing.  Webpage





outdoorchallengeActive Life: Outdoor Challenge

If you read my last Wii Games Review about the game Active Life Explorer, you know just how much I loved that game because it makes exercising fun…well Outdoor Challenge is also a fun game to play for those wishing to lose weight and stay fit.  Just like Explorer, the game controller mat is required to play this game.  If you have kids who are putting on weight, get this or the Explorer game, it will help to get them in shape while still having fun. Webpage




ferrarichallengeFerrari Challenge

Racing games have never been a big interest of mine because I usually suck at them and Ferrari Challenge is no different, good thing no real money is required to repair the damages I did to the car. Hehehe.  Maybe I will do better once I get myself a Wii steering wheel which I believe my local Dollarama sells.  Webpage

Facebook Games Review #2

Shortly after my recent post giving my personal thoughts of some Facebook games a post was made to check out another game, GreenSpace.  Make note of no spacing between the two words because if you do a search inside of Facebook with a space, you will get a game of same name but in a non-English language.

First I want to explain the system I use most.  It is a Acer Aspire 1690 laptop which came out in the days of Windows XP.  Operating system installed is Ubuntu 11.10 which is one of the most popular Linux distributions.

Now on to the game.

On my laptop, most flash games run slower than on my desktop and GreenSpace was no exception, in fact it appeared to be much slower than other flash games.  When you start the game you are presented with the YouTube opening video of the game, to skip over this simply click on the “Play” tab along the top.

After the video you are asked a few questions like your name then the game walk through begins.  Remember me saying that flash games run slower on my laptop, well the locked in 5 minute walk through took close to 20 minutes and was extremely painful to endure so if your system is slow, you have been warned.

The animations are well done and I do really like this game however it would be nice to turn off some of the animations like the different animations that occur when clearing the various items, this would help those with slower systems.  With the extreme slowness of this particular game, I would much prefer to play a standalone copy that did not require logging in to Facebook until game exit when changes made are uploaded.  Not having a constant connection to the game server could help speed up the game.  It would be great to get my favorite Facebook games in a download format through such services as Desura and Steam, would even pay for such option.

With the slowness aside, this does appear to be a good game to play but for me, I won’t be playing it everyday like the other games just because of the extreme slowness that I experienced.  If a banner was ever available for people to use on their site, I would definitely add it to the top of this blog site.  I am all about advertising products I like so anyone from GreenSpace reading this, if you ever get a nice banner ad created for people to use, please let me know.

Endomondo Review

The other day while checking to see if MyFitnesPal app to connect with Fitbit was available yet, I noticed there was a Fitbit add-on called Endomondo available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.  Since I have a BB I decided to check it out.  Apparently there are two versions of this app, one that is free and one that cost a very small amount of money, $5 I think it was.

Since I’m broke I downloaded the free edition, what’s the difference between the free and paid, well after searching the Endomondo website and finding absolutely nothing on this, even the hidden forum which doesn’t even exist at the Endomondo website, I decided to visit the app information page on the BlackBerry website.  There it was actually listed and the paid version actually has 4 extra features, the most important one being battery power saver option.

So as I said I downloaded the free version and gave it a try on Saturday when I was at a relatives and needed to visit the store.  The app talked about 30min in to my walk.  I didn’t know the app does this so of course it took me by surprise.  The app once again talked to me around the 1 hour mark but stopped recording shortly after that.  Now after reading the battery power saver feature in the pro, I can only assume the app stopped recording because of my battery power which was quite low when I closed the app after my walk.  My phone (Curve 3G 9300) was fully charged when I left my place so it was a shock to see just how much battery power this app used in just 1 hour of tracking.

I am hoping to use this app when the warm weather comes back and I can do my long bike rides again but I will need to purchase the paid version and see if this battery saver feature will allow me to run the app for up to 6 hours without my phone running out of power or will I need to rig some kind of solar panel on my mountain bike to get a constant charge to my phone?

You can check out Endomondo at http://www.endomondo.com