OKCupid Review

Last post was my review on the dating site Match.com, today I will provide my personal opinion on another dating site called OKCupid.

Unlike Match.com, OKCupid is 100% free but unlike other dating sites, there is no forum which is fine with me since I am not much in to chatting in forums.

The colour scheme for OKCupid is very nice on the eyes and the layout is also pleasant.

There is a lot of questions to answer to help you narrow down your correct match.  Take note that when I say a lot of questions I do mean a lot, I am currently at 1100 questions answered.  There are duplicate questions because many people do not know how to read and thus are submitting duplicate questions.

Now if you are wondering if anyone has contacted me yet, the answer is yes but two days later her profile was deleted.  Not sure if she deleted it or the site administrators deleted it but either way it was a little depressing for me.

On top of the enormous amount of questions you can answer, there is also a fun section with many different fun tests you can participate in like “The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test”, “The Personality Defect Test” and “The Why Are You Single Test” plus many, many more.

Overall I give OKCupid two thumbs up and highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative dating site to what they are using now.

Match.com Review

So last night I decided to see if there were other dating sites besides Plenty of Fish since most women on POF appear to be somewhat stuck-up, caring more on looks than what a person is like on the inside.

Thinking back to an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where match.com was mentioned, I thought I would try there first.

The site is very easy to follow and the colour scheme is nice on the eyes.  Setting up a new profile is fairly simple but the moderators who decide if your personal description is approved or not must be on drugs for mine was approved then disapproved.  The exact reason is unknown the the disapprove notice e-mail I received listed a bunch of things that is not allowed.  The only thing that I could think of was mentioning that I grew up in Pickering and now reside in Oshawa.  Not sure why this would qualify a description as disapprove since you are forced to input your city during the account setup and anyone who views your profile will see the city name.

Match.com does have a Blackberry app which is also very simple to use.  I wish POF would hurry up and make one.

The downside to Match.com though is it’s subscription fees and the fact they do not provide any trial period to see if it will be worth the high cost they charge.  Their monthly fee is $35/month or you can save some money on a 3 month or 6 month contract BUT the catch is you must pay for all months up front so either way, if you are classified under the poverty line, you are basically not welcomed.  Without that subscription you can not do anything that would help you find that special someone.  For this low income earner, $10/month is a reasonable subscription fee, especially since there is no guarantee that you will actually find someone.

I will be closing my Match.com account since right now without being able to purchase their high subscription fees, my account is useless, wasted space basically.  To Match.com, think about everybody and not just how many cars and houses you can buy from your high subscription fees.