Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-26

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First Bicycle Ride of the Year

Yesterday I went on my first bicycle ride of the year along the Oshawa River Trail down to the lake and back.  I was quite impressed with myself on making it up several hills coming back along the path.  In the past I usually had to dismount and walk my bike up these short hills but not this time.

After the short 10km ride my lower back and shoulders were aching even more so than usual so I figured I would probably wake up in complete agony but other than my shoulders still feeling extremely sore, my lower back and knees are at their usual pain level.

I hope to go bicycling again tomorrow, this time meeting up with a friend a couple of towns over.  Plan to meet at the Darlington Hydro Trail and walk a few laps.  Need to make sure that come May 6th I won’t be the last one to finish the 5km walk-a-thon for Kids Help Phone.  Reminder that if you want to sponsor me, simply click on the Bell Walk banner.  If not there, simply refresh the page and it will eventually come up.  Only 3 banners currently in rotation.

Well, I have been up since like 4am so back to bed I go.  Hopefully I can get a little bit more sleep before I start my day.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-19

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-12

  • Cold morning here in Oshawa. Come on warm weather. Need to get back to bicycling. #
  • @WalkingDead_AMC Can't believe you killed off Dale. I liked the old guy. #
  • @joshuagates Will there be another live DT this year? #
  • @Kharma Hope to see back in the ring soon and show the divas who is the boss. #
  • @JerryLawler Please put Cole in a sleeper so we don't have to hear him. He is EXTREMELY annoying to listen to. Like nails on chalkboard #
  • @WWETheBigShow Rather you knock out Cole. 🙂 #
  • Check out my OkCupid profile! via @OkCupid #
  • Comodo has another great product just released: #
  • Repost this! Make KONY known and take him down, stop the kidnapping and killings of thousands of innocent children! #
  • Kids Help Phone's Jason Carey talked to CTV News about dating violence. #
  • @JeffProbst Can you ask execs to do a CDN vs USA Survivor unless they're too scared that CDN's will kick ass. #
  • @worst_andrew Hello. Any idea when next CWD and CWH will start? #
  • @worst_andrew Would love to see winners from CWD/CWH come back to see who is worst of the worst. #
  • For those in EST, clocks go ahead tonight. Don't forget. #
  • My fitbit #fitstats for 3/10/2012: 40 steps and 0 miles traveled. #
  • lost 1.8 pounds since his last weigh-in! He's lost 31 pounds so far. #myfitnesspal #
  • @TheFinder_FOX Thank you for being a great show to watch. Hope to see more Bones/Finder crossover episodes. #
  • Was out walking 3.95 miles with #Endomondo See it here: #
  • My fitbit #fitstats for 3/11/2012: 10,184 steps and 3.1 miles traveled. #

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