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Kids Walk Result

Well, yesterday was a great day for the Kids Help Phone 5km walk.  For the first time in I don’t know how many years, the weather was beautiful.  Years past the weather has been cold and raining so it was finally great to not have to wear pants and winter jacket.

I do feel that the Toronto Marathon took a lot of publicity away from the Kids Help Phone.  I don’t know if the Marathon organizers moved their event on purpose to steal away the publicity and donation dollars from Kids Help Phone or whether it was merely an oversight on their part.  Either way they should have done research first to make sure they would not be interfering with other fundraising organisations who are also doing outdoor walks/runs.

This year I managed to walk the full 5km with out stopping but it did come at a price.  I ended up with a fairly large and deep blister on the bottom of my foot near the big toe and second toe.  For the next few days it is going to be painful to walk but hopefully I will can get some money saved up and get myself new shoes from New Balance.  For those not familiar with New Balance, their shoes are made to fit in both the length and width plus have a great amount of cushioning in the soles.  When I first bought them years ago, my back pain did reduce to a point that was bearable again.

For those wondering how much I ended up raising, it was $85, $15 short of getting a free Kids Help Phone T-Shirt.  O well, I would rather get a visor type hat that says Kids Help Phone than a shirt which doesn’t fit.

Kids Help Phone 5km Walk

This Sunday will mark, I believe, 12 years that the 5km walk-a-thon for Kids Help Phone have been taken place.  Myself, this will be around my 9th time participating and I feel like I will actually make the full 5km without ending in complete exhaustion like previous years.

If you have not yet pledged my in this event, I hope you will consider doing so because it is for a great cause.

Android App Reviews #2

Hello and welcome to my second set of 5 app reviews for Android.

I would first like to start by addressing the problem I mentioned in the last review for app ICSSync.  For some reason one of the five calendars I had setup was becoming corrupted whenever I would add, remove or edit an event.  Although the reason behind this corruption is still unknown, I was able to solve it by turning on a feature inside the Vueminder desktop calendar for Windows to only publish my calendar to the server with events from the last 365 days rather than every event over the past 3 or so years.  Now I can add, remove and edit events without any problems what so ever.

Now on to my next 5 reviews.

McDonald’s – If you love McDonald’s like I do then your Android phone just isn’t complete without the McDonald’s app to help you find the closest location when that craving hits.  The app is extremely user friendly and offers different search criteria like only listing locations with a drive thru or locations with a play zone.

Movie Collection & Inventory – If you have a lot of movies then I would suggest trying out this app.  The app may not have a nice cover art list like other movie inventory apps but I can say that out of all the movies I have added using the barcode scanner, close to 75% have been found.  I have tried other apps and their barcode scanning barely found any of my movies.

My Fitness Pal – If you are trying to lose weight then you can not go wrong with setting up a free account at and using their app.  With their app, you can track your food intake, exercise and much more.

Ok Cupid – If you are looking for that special someone then get yourself a free account at then download the app.  Ok Cupid is a great dating app.  Everything in this app is just as, if not, easier to use than the actual website.

PayPal – No smartphone is complete with the PayPal app.  This app not only allows you to keep track of your PayPal account, but also send money to others and even help calculate the split on a dinner out including calculating how much to tip based on a percentage you set.

Well there you go, another five Android apps reviewed and more to come in the near future.