Blizzard Coming to Linux??

Several months ago Valve finally announced that they will be bringing Steam along with some Valve games like Left 4 Dead 2 to Linux.

Around 4 weeks ago Valve setup a survey for those to fill out who wish to be part of the initial closed beta. It has been reported that over 6000 submissions were completed and there are still many Linux users who are still finding out about the survey.

On November 12th I was added to the closed beta group and so far Valve has done an excellent job in making Steam work in Linux.

Now with all the excitement over the Steam Linux closed beta, will the assholes at Blizzard Entertainment finally bring World of Warcraft to Linux like their fans have been requesting for many years?

There is currently a new discussion recently created by a fan who goes by the name of Endafy. I am surprised that the topic is still active since in the past, the forum administrators have always done their best to make sure there were no mentions of Linux anywhere in the forums. As of this writing, the topic can be found at:

Sixty two posts have been made so far and it’s easy to tell who are the Microsoft ass kissers and who are not. I always laugh at the responses ass kissers use to defend why a billion dollar company should not make their software available for all three operating systems.

The most common and laughable response is of course the ancient “Linux only has 1% market share” but of course there is no really way to know what the Linux market share is since Linux is a free operating system. Market share is usually based on sales but since Linux is free and most Linux users will usually purchase a Windows system only to reply it’s operating system with Linux, makes market share based on sales flawed.

The next common and still laughable reply is from Linux users who seem to believe that just because a game works perfect in Wine on their system, that it must also work perfect on every other Linux user system. This of course is way off from the actual truth. I myself have tried many games in Wine with only two successes, UT99 and Sid Meiers Railroads. World of Warcraft did run but the FPS averaged between 7 and 12 when not much action on the screen. The more things going on, the slower the game became, this is why relying on Wine is NOT acceptable.

Another laughable response is of course about cost. Now I know someone would have to be paid to do the port but the reason why I find it laughable is because companies who don’t even come close to the size of bank account companies like Blizzard have are able to make their software work on all three operating systems. Therefore, if the tiny guys can do it then so can the big guys.

Now Blizzard has setup the forums so only those with an active World of Warcraft account can post replies which means every player like myself who stopped playing the game until a Linux port arrives can not say so in any of the Linux conversations.