Samsung Galaxy S III

Those who have followed my sporatic blog posts know that I have tried iPhone, Blackberry and recently Droid RAZR which first ran Android Ginger Bread then just the other month updated to Ice Cream Sandwhich.

Christmas eve I decided to venture to my local Virgin Mobile kiosk and upgraded to an official Virgin phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III (Model: SGH-I747M) and I must say that this phone is absolutely rocking.

This phone is a nice size for my somewhat large hands as well as my degrading eyesight. It is very thin and lightweight which almost feels flimsy but I plan to do the same steps I did for the RAZR which is purchase a nice sturdy plastic shell as well as applying Ghost Armour film to protect the screen from scratches and cracks.

Unlike the Droid RAZR, the S III has a removable back cover, providing access to the battery, SIM card and micro-SD slot but of course this means a much weaker plastic, making having to purchase a hard cover sturdy shell a must if you wish to have this phone last for a very long time.

The phone came with Android Jelly Bean already installed and I must say, I am really enjoying it BUT there still exist one negative that has plagued smart phones, no option to read and edit FTP stored .ics calendar files. I have been using ICSSync but unfortunately it always seem to screw up the ICS format when saving back up to the server or at least it did when using it on the RAZR. Have not yet tried the program on the new S III but I think it may work better based on something I noticed.

When researching ways to transfer saved network list from one Android phone to another, all results stated that is was as simple as transfering one file but when I did the transfer from RAZR to S III, the S III would no longer keep it’s Wi-Fi on. This leads me to believe that there was something wrong with the operating system on the RAZR which would explain why the copied wi-fi network list file caused problems and the problem with ICSSync messing up the calendar file.

The speed of the phone is lightening compared to the RAZR and I have already rooted it so I could use some apps that I require. Rooting did take me two attempts because I messed up the first time around causing certain features to disappear.

Internet speed through the Virgin network is faster then my own home Internet by almost double. This is weird since my home service is 16MB Down and 1MB Up.

When it comes to the actual hardware of the S III, I find the location of the volume buttons across from the power button a nuisance. I am always accidentally pressing the volume. If the button required more force then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

With no FTP .ics support and a very soft touch volume buttons, I am still extremely pleased with my decision to upgrade to the Galaxy S III. If the Samsung tablet runs as well as the S III then I will definately be saving up to purchase it. Might take me a long time to save up for the tablet being unemployed but hopefully one day it will become mine to own.

Will I be recommending the Galaxy S III, you bet I will. If you don’t have one then what are you waiting for, get to your mobile carrier and upgrade now. You will not be disappointed.