Blizzard Linux 2013

So, here we are on our second week of 2013 and already a rumour has been launched by an employee from Blizzard Entertainment according to Michael at

The rumour is the come summer, Blizzard will be announcing one of their game titles as being available for the Linux operating system. Should anyone believe this, well I for one will not be getting my hopes up since I have seen how Linux users has been treated in the past by Blizzard.

In the past, Linux players have been both banned and their Linux client requests deleted or locked in the Blizzard forums. That being said, many Linux gamers do seem to be getting all hyped up about this rumour to the point of actually speculating what game Blizzard would release first.

If Blizzard was run by smart people, my money would be on World of Warcraft being released first. The reason why that make perfect sense is because, Blizzard suppose to have already a working Linux client used in house so naturally if that is indeed true, there isn’t much work to be done. Another reason is the fact that World of Warcraft is a subscription based game. Anyone, including myself, who stopped playing the game due to lack of Linux support would be back paying the monthly subscription fee which of course equals more monthly revenue for Blizzard.