Did #Phoronix Lie?

One year ago today, Mr. Michael Larabel who runs a Linux news site reported that a source from Blizzard had told him there would be a product release during the summer of 2013. With Blizzard being one of the most popular companies in the gaming community, naturally this new would raise a lot of hopes of Linux gamers who have been requesting for years now that Blizzard bring their games to Linux.

The day before the end of summer 2013, Mr. Larabel made a post that big news would be coming the following week. Having sent him numerous messages through Twitter asking for updates if the release of a Blizzard product on Linux was still going to happen, I decided to question him on his honesty. FINALLY Mr. Larabel replied stating that Blizzard hit a few snags. Fine, I completely understand that problems can occur with the development of anything but it was a little upsetting that it took the questioning of whether Mr. Larabel is honest or a lier.

Now, around 4 months later and one year since the initial announcement, there has not been one peep about Blizzard and the mystery product they plan to bring to Linux. As like I did back in the summer, I have message Mr. Larabel several times, both through his online contact form and through Twitter hoping that he would atleast post a new update today but as of this writing, and the day being almost over, there has not been any update on Phoronix.

It is pretty sad that someone like Mr. Larabel will only provide updates when you put his honesty in question.