@cbcErica @cbctom #RBC_Canada Tampers with Accounts

Hello my readers, I discovered something disturbing this morning that I have
NEVER experienced before with any other bank that I have dealt with.

I am someone who keeps a fairly good eye on my account transactions around the
end and beginning of each month when my ODSP cheque is being deposited and
after paying my monthly bills including buying groceries.

On January 30th, 2014 I checked my balance before going to bed and everything
looked good. At 2am January 31st, I checked my balance again and still no
transactions on my account. Around 5am I woke again and like before I checked
my balance once more. This time two transactions were present, my cheque
deposit and a payment.

I thought this was great because having dealt with other banks, most recently
Scotia Bank, if a payment comes out before a deposit gets in, you usually have
until noon that day to prevent a bounce back and thus preventing any NSF
charges. This unfortunately appears not to be true with RBC.

Anyways back to the tampering.

After getting my grocery shopping completed I once more checked my account
transactions to make sure there were no other transactions which I did not do.
I use DEBIT which is why I check my account so often. At this point the
purchase that was listed during my 5am check was reversed.

Today, February 1st, when I awoke at 9am I once again checked my transactions
and notice that transactions have changed dates. The purchase withdrawl and
return is now showing Thursday, January 30th and a NSF charge that came through
sometime after my 2-3pm transaction check the day before.

I did march down to the Oshawa Main Branch and was given attitude by the male
employee who was called over to help with my situation. This guy just would
not believe what I was explaining and after some arguing with him, it was
finally decided to refund me the NSF charge, something that I feel should have
been offered at the start rather than arguing with the client.

Another thing I have always been concerned about is the fact that RBC does not
list transactions in the order that they happen unlike every other bank I have
dealt with. Is the lack of order done on purpose so they can tamper with a
clients account more easily or are they just lazy to keep up with everyone else?

Has any other RBC account holder noticed transactions moving around from one
day to another? If so I would love to read your story.

Right now I am currently considering maybe giving BMO another try since I
already have a Prepaid Travel Mastercard from them for making online purchases.