#Netflix Works on #Linux

Hello my fellow Linux users, to my surprised Netflix now runs perfect in the Google Chrome browser without having to do anything at all.

I just installed Google Chrome and remembered about a Chrome hack that someone posted the other month on how to get Netflix to run so I decided after downloading the browser from Google and installing it, I logged in to my Netflix account.  I wanted to see if I would see need to do the little hack that was required previously with the beta Chrome.  To surprise the videos played instantly.

I am so happy to finally be able to watch Netflix without needing to do any hacks for it to work.  Thank you Google!


#Blizzard Screws #Linux Gamers Again

So it appears a new Battle.net update was released and like a lot of Blizzard updates, Linux gamers are now having trouble launching the desktop client so they can play their favourite Blizzard Entertainment games.  It is times like this that should be enough proof that a official Linux client is required, not too mention the numerous times their anti-cheat system has falsely banned Linux gamers like when Diablo III launched.  Six months later a Blizzard representative admits their flawless anti-cheat system did mis-identified some players as cheating.  The cause, well according to one Linux expert, it had to do with how Wine was handling the game.

Why Blizzard continues to ignore the very large Linux gaming community is absolutely mind boggling.  We keep bugging them and bugging them and bugging them but unfortunately the people who should be listening probably do not even pay any attention to the forums and I’m sure none of the forum moderators or anyone at Blizzard support forwards our requests on to the proper person(s).

For those still unaware of my petition to Blizzard for Linux clients, goto: https://www.change.org/p/blizzard-entertainment-support-please-release-native-linux-clients

@marissamayer Is @YahooCare Useless? O Hell Yes!

About a week or two ago my e-mail account, one that I have had for at least the past 14 years became inaccessible.  Searching the Internet I came across the story of Yahoo underwater data cable having been cut which was causing problems for some Yahoo! Mail clients.  Having read that I simply continued on with my life without making any complaints during the whole time the cable was being repaired.

This past Monday, December 1st it was announced that the cable has been fully repaired and everything is back up and running normally again.  Unfortunately there still appears to be a lot of Yahoo! Mail users whom still can not log into their account, including myself.

We have all tried the automated password reset but most of use appear to be receiving an error right after inputting our Yahoo! ID.  The error message states that the password reset can not be completed and we must contact Customer Care.

I myself contacted Customer Care through the Twitter account while others have tried through the Facebook page but unfortunately we are all receiving the same response.  That response is to use the automated password reset and if that do not work, check out the self help section.  Due to this response it is obvious that Yahoo! Customer Care is an absolute joke and is only setup to appear as if Yahoo! cares about those you use their services.  In reality they don’t care and just want you to go away.

You can tell Yahoo! Customer Care a hundred times that their automated system is not working and that you need their help but all you will ever receive is instructions to visit the self help.  O and don’t even try to find a contact phone number of email address on the Yahoo! website because it doesn’t not exist, at least not on the USA site.

In my opinion based on what I and many others have gone through with Yahoo! Customer Care, I am hereby going to tell everyone to stop using Yahoo! immediately and any products/services that support Yahoo!.  Maybe a decline in people using their services will result in better Customer Care.