Hurry For Final #Blizzard Play

It is now less than 24 hours until May 1st, the start of Blizzard No Play until midnight May 15th.

TuxBlizzardBannerIf you are a Linux supporter and you dual boot or use WINE to play Blizzard games, you are hereby requested to refrain from playing for the first 15 days of May, June and July with the possibility of also August.

We must all stand up to Blizzard and show them just how big of their fan base would rather game on Linux than Windows.  The best way to probably show this is by making them see major drops on their servers each month for the first 15 days.


#Linux – Operation: #Blizzard No Play

In just three weeks time, May 1st is the beginning of what I am calling operation “Blizzard No Play”.

For many years now, Linux gamers have been requesting over and over again for native clients to play games created by Blizzard Entertainment.  When World of Warcraft was in it’s beta stage a decade ago, there was a Linux client but for unknown reasons the client was discontinued.

Recently the CEO Mr. Morhaime stated that there just isn’t enough Linux gamers to warrant supporting Linux.  He keeps claiming that there is only 2% or less of Linux gamers even though sources like Humble Indie Bundle has proven otherwise and numerous occasions.

With Mr. Morhaime not wanting to pay any attention to the world outside of Blizzard, every Blizzard gamer who is in support of a Linux client are hereby being asked to refrain from playing ANY Blizzard title for the first 15 days of each month starting May 1st.  The hope is of course to prove to Blizzard that there are a lot more Linux supporters than they believe.  When they see a massive decline on the servers each month for the first 15 days, hopefully Mr. Morhaime and others at Blizzard will finally wake up and admit the community they are ignoring is not as tiny as they wanted to believe.

So if you are a Linux supporter then please help spread the word to as many family, friends and game forums as you can.