Finding out you’re dating a pathological liar – Steve Hofstetter

Finding out you’re dating a pathological liar

Steve Hofstetter tells Andrew Rivers a story about the time he moved to Boston, was flat broke, worked at the front desk of an inn, and found out his girlfriend was a pathological liar.

Andrew Rivers:

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Gaming News: Snes Classic, Gaming too TOXIC, Shadow of War FREE DLC!

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In this week’s episode we talk about the SNES classic and its availability, we talk about whether or not gaming culture is TOO TOXIC, and we talk about the controversial shadow of war charity DLC going free to download.

Channel Update (Linux Content on YouTube, Plans for the Future)

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What distro do you use?
On my office PC I use Ubuntu 16.04 with GNOME 3, not to be confused with Ubuntu GNOME.

On my Steam Machine I run a regular SteamOS installation.

What do you use to edit your videos?
Audio editing: Ocenaudio
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Steam Machine: Intel Core i7 at 3.8 GHz, Nvidia GTX 970 4GB, 12 GB RAM, Ubuntu 16.10 w/ Steam Compositor

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Linux Tip | Install VIrtualBox Guest Additions from TTY in Linux VM

In this video I show how to install Oracle VirtualBox Guest Additions and video drivers from a TTY in a Linux VM that won’t load a desktop.

Increase video memory for VirtualBox VM run in Host terminal:

VBoxManage modifyvm “Name of VM” –vram 256

Install Guest Additions from TTY in VM:

1. Boot VM, switch to TTY with right Ctrl and F2 key.

2. Log in at prompt.

3. Open Devices and select Inerst Guest Additions CD Image.

4. Mount the CD with :

sudo mount /dev/sr0 /mnt

5. Change directory to /mnt

cd /mnt

6. Issue command to run installation sctript

sudo ./

7. Reboot VM:

sudo reboot

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