Alex Jones FINALLY Gone…Mostly

So as most already kn ow by now, Apple, Facebook and Youtube have given Alex Jones the boot, something that should have happened a long time ago.

Many of his followers are probably saying that it is against free speech because they have no clue about their own constitution.  The US Constitution is about what the US government can and can not do to its citizens.  It has nothing to do with private businesses.

His followers are probably also saying that he was band for spreading the truth which is a 100% lie.

First, Alex never mentions the truth in any of his stories, it is all fabricated bullshit because he knows there are many Americans who are so stupid that they will believe anything he spews at them.

Second, Alex was removed from these platforms, not because he was spreading fake news but because he was encouraging his stupid zombie followers to do harm on to others.  Take the whole pizza gate situation.  He made up claims that there was a child sex ring happening at a pizza parlour and told his viewers to do something about it…well one of his followers did and now we have people dead.  The fact that Alex was not also arrested for that crime is mind boggling.

I am absolutely ecstatic that he is off those platforms.  I know he can never be removed completely from the internet but as least there is now less chance of stupid people seeing his bullshit lies and believing them.  In turn this might help decrease the number of killings in the United States that have been caused by Alex promoting violence towards others.