FE Debbie & FE Antonio Claims @RedsRhetoric Doesn’t Know Triangles & FE Don’t Know Globe History

Hello again everyone, I have been doing some more watching of videos with flat Earth believers, mostly debates because I don’t think I could handle watching a video by a flat Earth believer without someone with common sense countering their claims. I value my IQ.

FE Debbie

I recently watched a debate that happened back in the spring between everyone favourite flat Earth buster, Reds Rhetoric, and flat Earth believer Debbie.


Debbie has to be the most dumb women I have ever heard speak. What is even more shocking is her photo shows her being a brunette and not a blonde as one would assume. In fact she may be even more stupid than a blonde. She actually makes other flat earth believers like D Marble look smart and all he wants is for everyone to suck his balls.

Reds Rhetoric Doesn’t Know Triangles

Another flat earth believer named Antonio Subirates did a response video recently to globe Earth believer Conspiracy Catz and right near the beginning, he said something that shocked the heck out of me. He said that Reds Rhetoric doesn’t know triangles. WHAT?

Triangles is one of the easiest things to learn and is taught at an early age. For me it was in elementary school, around grade five I believe. A triangle is simply a closed shape with three straight sides. Inside angles can me right angle, acute angle and obtuse angle. There really isn’t much else to a triangle so I would love to know more of what Antonio meant when he said Reds doesn’t know triangles.

They Don’t Know Globe History

Flat Earth believers constantly get the history of people believing the Earth is a globe. Another video from a few months ago where YouTube channel Non Sequitur Show had on Reds Rhetoric and multiple flat earth believers in a timed competition type debate. I noticed one of the flat Earth participants as well as others in more videos I have watched that they like to claim the globe Earth belief has only been around for like 500 years. This is absolutely false. The first written report we have of the earth being a globe and not flat dates back to around 500 BC as a speculation until around 200 BC, when Hellenistic Astronomy established the spherical shape of the Earth as a physical given.

Water Doesn’t Stick To A Ball

If you are a flat Earth believer and stand by the whole “water doesn’t stick to a ball” by those stupid experiments of people pouring water on a basketball or other round object…well I believe I know how to make such thing happen. I am working on figuring out the correct objects required and then of course scrounging up the money to buy the objects.

Why Believing in Earth Being Flat is Rediculous

In my last post I gave my opinion of what was supposed to be a debate between two gentleman, Reds Rhetoric and a flat earth believer who goes my the name Southern Israelite.  I ended that review stating that maybe I will post a list of everyone that would have to be in on such a hoax so the following is a complete list of government space programs.  A few have been discontinued and a couple of been renamed or merged in to another.

I wanted to include the total number of employees for each organisation but unfortunately that information isn’t easily available online.

Government Space Agencies Country
Air Force Space Command

Belarus Space Agency

Central American Assoc. for Aeronautics & Space

Aeronautics and Space Research & Diffusion Center

Mexican Space Agency

Algerian Space Agency

Asia Pacific Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology & Applications

Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization

Austrian Space Agency

Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency

Bahrain’s National Space Science Agency

Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities

Brazilian Space Agency

UK Space Agency

Bolivian Space Agency

Bulgarian Space Agency

Canadian Space Agency

China National Space Administration

Colombian Space Commission

Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems

Committee on Space Research

Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department

Danish National Space Center

Danish Space Research Institute

European Space Agency

Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency

German Aerospace Center

Hungarian Space Office

Indian Space Research Organisation

Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing

Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial

Iranian Space Agency

Israeli Space Agency

Italian Space Agency

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Kazakh Space Research Institute

New Zealand Space Agency

Korean Committee of Space Technology

National Aerospace Development Administration

Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Lithuanian Space Association

Malaysian National Space Agency

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences

National Center of Space Research

Paraguayan Space Agency

National Commission for Aerospace Research and Development

National Commission for Space Research

National Space Activities Commission

National Institute of Aeronautics and Space

National Remote Sensing Center of Mongolia

National Remote Sensing Center of Tunisia

Uzbek State Space Research Agency

National Space Agency of Ukraine

National Space Organization

National Space Research and Development Agency

Institute for Space Research Netherlands

Norwegian Space Centre

Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission

FCT Space Office

Romanian Space Agency

Egypt Remote Sensing Center

Royal Center for Remote Sensing

Russian Federal Space Agency

Sri Lanka Space Agency

TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute

Soviet space program

Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization

Polish Space Agency

South African National Space Agency

Space Research Institute of Saudi Arabia

Space Technology Institute

Swedish National Space Agency

Swiss Space Office

Turkmenistan National Space Agency

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

United Arab Emirates Space Agency

Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

United States


Costa Rica













United Kingdom









Czech Republic















New Zealand

North Korea

North Korea

South Korea



United States












Republic of China










Sri Lanka


Soviet Union



South Africa

Saudi Arabia





United Nations

United Nations

United Arab of Emirates

Dubai & United Arab of Emirates

As you can see, we have 82 space agencies ALL run by governments around the word.  Again, some have ended or renamed or merged in to another but there is no way that a round earth hoax could remain as such for so long when you have that many governments and the thousands and thousands of employees.  Someone would have leaked something over the past five decades when mankind first made space flight possible.

If you are a flat earth believer and STILL believe that a round earth is a hoax, then you need to see a psychiatrist and have your head examined.  I’m sure medical science pertaining to the brain would love to do a case study on you.

@RedsRhetoric VS @So_Israelite Debate Review

About three or four months ago, YouTube video suggestions displayed a video of someone debunking another person claim that our earth is flat. I did not know that there was this movement of people claiming the earth is flat.

Since then I have watched three so called “debates” between YouTuber Reds Rhetoric and a flat earth believer.  To try and get back in to posting things on this blog, I have decided to post my personal review of last night debate between Reds Rhetoric and Southern Israelite.

First, let me make it clear that I have no degrees in science, astronomy, etc., so this review is based on what I have learned throughout the years of observation and watching documentaries on such subjects.

Last night debate was the third debate I have watched and one thing I can declare is that Southern Israelite doesn’t understand what a debate is. Instead of presenting actual evidence to support the flat earth theory, he only presented quotes of people who have been dead for hundreds of years.

Many people who were declared genius centuries ago have been proven to be wrong with some of their beliefs thanks to the advancement in the field of science.  That’s what is great about science, it is constantly improving, finding new things we did not know.  So to solely believe in a flat earth because some dead scientist from hundreds of years ago said so, is absolutely wrong and in my mind, proves how closed minded the person is.

I will give praise to Southern Israelite for one thing, his vocabulary is extremely impressive for a flat earth believer. So many flat earth believers are just horrible with their vocabulary but I do have some doubts Southern Israelite actually knew the true meaning of the words he was using.  That is the problem when someone simply reads reports without the education in that subject to properly understand what you are reading.

To the flat earth believers who might be reading this, if you think you should see the curve of the earth simply proves you do not understand just how massive our world is, not to mention how many people around the world would have to be in on the cover up.  Maybe my next post will be listing everyone who would have to be a part of the cover up.