Google App Review: Parcels @ptisunov

For about a week now I have been testing a different parcel tracking app along side my usual app called Deliveries and another app called 17Track.

The reason why I started looking for another app to use is because Deliveries doesn’t track all postal companies. I found this out when an item I ordered through Wish was sent by Wanb Express. This began my search for another parcel tracking app.

Parcels has a great feature in that you can have it import your orders from Wish and a few other online retailers with apparently more to come. This feature does require some work for 3 of my items were imported with the exact same name so I had to compare the tracking numbers between the app and the Wish website so I could properly rename the items.

Another feature I find quite interesting is the app ability to add new tracking numbers when a parcel receives a new one from another company. Unfortunately this feature is not 100%. I have had a couple items get added again because of the item getting another tracking number.

There does not appear to be a way to merge items when an item is added multiple times but then I am only using the free version right now. Checking the status also tends to take a lot longer than other apps but this may have something to do with the app checking multiple carriers for each item.

Regarding the free version of the app, it has limitations as you would expect. One limitation is no more than 10 items, whether or not an item has been delivered and is now archived. This limitation is also a pain due to the app fault of adding duplicate items as explained earlier.

The free version, on top of the lack of features, also has a banner ad along the top and a subscription banner ad along the bottom which is displayed overtop your tracking list. On a tablet, the bottom banner isn’t much of a problem but on a smaller smartphone it can be annoying. I’m not a fan of this tactic to get subscribers.

Another problem I recently found with the app is that it has decided to no longer track one of my items even though the app is supposed to be checking multiple carriers. Currently Canada Post has the item but Parcels is stating that one of the carriers is no longer providing updates. No it does not mention which carrier it is getting that message from but is clearly ignoring Canada Post tracking. Deliveries and 17Track are continually to track the item.

Final thought on the Parcels app is this, at this time I won’t be buying the app but if they fix the issues I have mentioned then I may consider buying and using as my default tracking app. For now I think I will stick with either Deliveries or 17Track.

FE Debate Review: @RedsRhetoric vs @NoConcepts

Sunday night on The Non-Sequitur Show there was suppose to be a debate between Reds Rhetoric and flat earth believer No Concepts. At 9pm, the time when the show was to start, we waited and waited. After some time had passed, we get word that No Concepts is a no show.  Not even considerate enough to send an email to the show to say he could not make it.

This of course seem strange because No Concepts paid $500 to Reds Rhetoric for this debate and it had to be done at a time convenient to No Concepts because he had to book time to use a super computer. No, you did not misread that, he actually stated he was going to prove our earth is flat using a super computer.

So, with No Concepts being a no show, a debate still happened but it ended up being against two flat earth believers, Travis and Scotty.

First lets start with Travis…He is nothing but a follower. Knows nothing and only spews out stuff that he heard watching videos from other flat earth believers.

Now lets talk about Scotty. This guy is a loose cannon and should be watched by the FBI equivalent in Australia or New Zealand, whichever country he is from because I can see this guy going on a shooting rampage if someone says one thing he does not agree with.

Every time Reds would proceed to answer Scotty, Scotty would instantly burst in to this rage with yelling and constant interruption so no one could talk.

Scotty did not know the true meaning of the words he tried to use to defend a flat earth. This of course is not unusual since it appears every person who believes the earth is flat, uses words that they do not know the meaning. It really shows their low IQ.

Alright, alright. You are wondering what happened to No Concepts. The images below should explain it all.