My Opinion Of: “Let’s Set The Record Straight” by @nonseqshow

Last night, Mr Kyle Curtis did a live stream to set the record straight on what has been happening behind the scenes since his hostile take over of the NonSequitur Show began, or at least since we, the fans, were made aware of it.

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Kyle Curtis and Mr Steve McRae joined forces near the end of 2017 if I am not mistaken and created a new show called The NonSequitur Show. Shortly after starting as a podcast, Steve convinced Kyle to also take the show to YouTube for which the show became a success.

Things appeared fine to the fans until the beginning of this year, 2019, where there appeared to be more episodes of Kyle with his buddies, GE, KC and Katie and less with Steve. As the months went on, Steve became less and less on the show.

When April rolled around, Steve was pretty much no more on the show and surprisingly, it all happened around the time that people were calling Steve transphobic. This, of course, was ridiculous because all Steve has said was trans people should not compete in sports with the gender they identify with UNTIL they have completed their gender conversion. That is NOT being transphobic, but Kyle’s friends like Katie are quite thin skin and would rather resort to name calling rather than have a discussion.

Now I do not know Steve, we’ve interacted a couple of times but what I know of him is what I have observed and I am confident enough that Steve is not a transphobic, racist, or anything else negative. What Steve is though is simply someone who loves having discussions, no matter the topic. That trait shows his intelligence since intelligent people are interested in discussions, not name calling.

Another instance where Kyle listened to his buddies, GE and KC, was when Steve questioned KC on being an engineer. KC, as the child she is, went crying to her hubby GE and instead of either of them being an adult and asking Steve, “why do you think that”, the two went on a temper tantrum which most likely included telling Kyle to get rid of Steve from the show.

Beginning of June I believe is when things became public and Kyle’s hostile takeover of the channel was out in the open for all to see, and boy did we see.

Since that time, Kyle has been quiet, extremely quiet while Steve has been setting the record straight as to what happened. All of it is confirmed by David (aka Booleanenator) who was the producer and also kicked off the show by Kyle.

This now brings us to last night live stream Kyle did and it was not good…for Kyle!

The first thing I noticed and so did many others was Kyle constantly swivelling back and forth in his chair. This is a clear sign that he was nervous. Now his nervousness could be that he knew what he was about to say would be lies and hoped no one would notice or he is like and just shy in front of a camera when alone.

Another thing was eye contact. I don’t recall him doing much looking directly into the camera, as if he was trying to either read from a script, keep an eye on chat or, just like the swivelling in his chair, knew he was lying.

Kyle also commented on two posts that were made on Twitter, one was about the accusations of him wearing $400 suits and the other was about KC telling everyone the night before that the live stream was being moved to last night. Kyle made a comment about those false posts and how wrong it is for people to make such false claims and he is correct BUT he doesn’t seem to be telling his little buddies, GE, KC, and Katie not to do the same. Just one day prior Katie interjected herself into the discussions on Twitter and made the claim that everything was done and over with. No joke folks, someone who claims to be a journalist and writes column pieces on Patheos, claimed everything between Kyle and Steve was done.

Katie claimed that both sides have met with their lawyers in a conference call, a deal had been agreed to, and it was now all done. When people, including myself, politely pointed out the facts, she blocked everyone, even those who were actually part of the conference call. So much for being a journalist who cares about the truth. She would fit in well at FOX News.

We also heard his reasoning for not providing the financial books to Steve which Steve has been requesting for months, yes you read that correctly. Any business partner is reluctant to hand over the books to the other partner is hiding something. Kyle now claims he was protecting Steve to which everyone in chat said BULLSHIT!

Kyle reason for not providing the name of his lawyer for the past 30 days was because he was worried the trolls would “harass his lawyer”…excuse me…what? The only way anyone who has no business to know who his lawyer is would know is if he himself gave it out publicly. Steve isn’t stupid, he is not going to jeopardize the money that is owed to him by releasing the information to Kyle’s lawyer. So that reason just doesn’t make any sense.

I could go on more but I have to get going. If people want, maybe I will do a part two but for now, I think I covered most of what I wanted to say.

Take care all.