Review: @Daymak Easy Rider Electric Bike

Several days ago I received my new bicycle, the Daymak Easy Rider which is a electric assist bike, meaning the motor will only kick in if you are peddling. As someone who loves cycling but suffer from bad knees, I have been unable to bike my usual 60km. The smallest of hills on the easiest gear would cause knee pain so when Daymak appeared on The Shopping Channel which allow buyers to pay monthly for product, I took it as a sign that it was time for a new bicycle.

The purchase did come with some freebies like a helmet and a mp3 player but since I don’t require either, I reached out to Daymak requesting if it was possible to substitute those free items for a saddle bag. A very nice lady named Monique said yes that would be no problem at all but unfortunately it did not arrive with the bike so I guess it is being mailed out.

When the bike arrived I only noticed one problem with the bike and that was a missing one bolt to hold one side of the saddle rack to the frame. I have informed Daymak and they are sending me a replacement bolt. In the meantime I went to my local Lowes and purchased the proper size bolt (M5 0.80 x 1/2″) because I had already scheduled a bike ride with a friend for yesterday. Due to crappy weather, we have not been out riding in about 2 weeks so I did not want to postpone this ride.

Some other initial issues was bolts not completely tighten. The curve handlebar could swivel up and down with just a little bit of force and the throttle came loose during the ride. Both were very easy to tighten though and once I adjust the height of the seat and handlebar, it was a great ride. I did have to remove the little back rest because I could not swing my leg over top of it and I could not lift my leg up high enough to get over the crossbar. My friend laughed his ass off at how I struggled to get on and off the bike when the backrest was attached. All good though since for the very first time, I biked lapse around him instead of the other way around.

The bike came in three colours, gray/red/pink, so I chose the red. Normally I tend to choose a dark colour for my bicycles but given this one has a battery and dark colours attract heat, I decided on the red.

The bike has around 5 assist levels while still giving you 6 gears. I have been looking at e-bikes for several months and this was the first I saw which actually comes with a derailleur. Other e-bikes only give you one gear so to have 6 was nice. I did however notice that the bike has trouble going from 6 – 5 and 3 -2 but going the other way, no problems. Not a big deal to me because I am use to bikes having trouble switching to certain gear levels. It can be the most difficult part on a bicycle to get absolutely perfect.

The motor does a great job at getting up hills and you can really feel the power when the motor kicks in.

Unlike a lot of e-bikes, the battery is removable and can be charged outside of the bike. I love this feature because I only have one friend who is also in to cycling but we don’t live close to each other so I keep my bike at his place and just take public transit to/from his house. With the removable battery, I can bring the battery home when it is time to charge it.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this bike and would definitely recommend this bike. Daymak also makes other transportation products which you can check out at I really want the Boomer Buggy so I can go do my grocery shopping without having to rely on others to take me.

Well, that is my review on the Daymak Easy Rider e-bike. I hope you enjoyed it.