@Blizzard_Ent Wyatt Cheng (@candlesan) Lies and Insults Diablo Fans

If there is one thing software developers should NEVER do is lie to your customers and insult them but apparently, Wyatt Cheng did not get that memo when he became the lead developer for Diablo.

At Blizzcon this past weekend, a fan asked if the new mobile game Diablo Immortal would come to PC which is a good question given that Blizzard fans are all PC gamers. Mr. Cheng answered no to which many of the Diablo fans in attendance booed. What did Mr. Cheng do, well his reply was “Don’t you all have phones?” and no I am not kidding. This, of course, angered Diablo fans even more.

Where he lied was when he was interviewed before Blizzcon and there are also quotes of his on several gaming news sites where he says they care about the fans. If that was true, they would have NEVER created Diablo Immortal without making sure it would also have a PC release. As already explained, Blizzard fans are PC gamers, spending thousands of dollars on their computers, making sure to keep them up to date with the latest hardware. Immortal should have been announced only in markets where mobile gaming is accepted like in China. Gamers in the West do not game on smartphones. Sure, there are some people who may do a level or two of a puzzle game like Candy Crush but an action-packed game like Diablo just won’t fly with gamers who prefer controllers, keyboard and mice.

Also, a game like Diablo Immortal is going to need a top of the line phone or tablet for it to play smoothly on.  Hearthstone is a great example of how Diablo Immortal is going to run.  I have tried Hearthstone on both smartphone and tablet, both devices the game is choppy and both are fairly new being just a year old.  Now granted, these are not top of the line because, like most, I can not afford $1,000 phone or tablet.

Mr. Cheng, release a PC version of Diablo Immortal.  Diablo fans feel hurt that they will not be able to enjoy a game that takes place, according to you, between Diablo II and Diablo III.