@Activision is trying to kill @Blizzard_Ent franchise.

Blizzard Entertainment was at one time the best damn video game maker in the world but then they went public which slightly lowered the importance of Blizzard own rule of gamers first.

Then came the merger with Activision and the whole “gamers first” rule was basically thrown in the trash. The whole Diablo Immortal fiasco proves that.

Another indication that Activision is killing Blizzard is with all the micro transactions, loot boxes and so on that have popped up in Blizzard titles since the merge.

Blizzard fans don’t want loot boxes and micro transactions getting in the way of their beloved game.

They are also diehard computer gamers NOT mobile. So the fact that Blizzard has stated that all of Blizzard games are coming to mobile, it is clear Activision greediness is behind the movement from computer to mobile.

Unfortunately this will result in the death of what was once a great company. R. I. P. Blizzard.